Make recurrent revenues based on your products or services

From a product business to a service business

Acoba Help you to sell, host, and manage subscriptions associated to the products you sell usually.

Our unique sales model allow your company to generate extensive recurring revenues, develop customer loyalty, extend your market area and ensure repeat business.

Get recurrent revenus
Enter in the cloud revolution
Extend your business area
Based on you products or services
With our 10 datacenters over the world
Engage customers to long term relationships
About Our Company
Provides tools & services to assist you to create recurring revenue, on your softwares or equipments
Be closer to your customers
All the datacenters can handle unlimited bandwidth, unlimited CPU processing, unlimited redundant storage.
Secure access, allow secure HTTP access (HTTPS)
Identity and Access Management
Built-in firewalls
Private Subnets
Encrypted data storage
Secured physical access control
Multi-site redondant storage


ISO 27001
FISMA Moderate Compliant Controls
HIPAA & ITAR Compliant Architecture